Our time to shine

Discovery Day 2022

The time has come for our region’s 100+ robotics companies to show why Pittsburgh is the robotics capital of the world.

Pittsburgh Robotics Discovery Day is a first-of-its-kind opportunity to put your company’s robots, software and applications on display for everyone to see. But we need your help, and we need to move fast. 

Please submit your requirements to participate so that we can better understand how much space we’ll need. We are finalizing details for an all-day event November 16, 2022 at David L. Lawrence Convention Center that would be free for Pittsburgh Robotics Network members to exhibit at and free for the public to attend, but we cannot take the next step until we know what’s needed to properly showcase your products and people.

Imagine the convention center packed with different kinds of robots, allowing audiences of all ages to learn firsthand how local companies are addressing global problems to make the world safer and smarter. We’re hoping for live demonstrations that will make robotics relatable to thousands of attendees, expected to include students, educators, training providers, professionals, job candidates, investors, community partners, and more.

Pittsburgh Robotics Discovery Day is a much-needed way to open our doors to audiences, communities and organizations that haven’t yet engaged with the rapidly growing ecosystem. Many lack awareness of the personal and professional opportunities being created here — apprenticeships, internships, certifications, training programs and other pathways for anyone from high school students to mid-career professionals.

This is our opportunity to change that, turning Pittsburgh Robotics Discovery Day into an inflection point for our regional ecosystem and expanding access to everyone who stands to benefit.

To succeed, we do need the participation of all of our members. In return, you’ll benefit from:

  • Enhanced visibility: Pittsburgh Robotics Discovery Day will have significant press coverage before, during and after the event, along with an interactive microsite that promotes every company that participates. 
  • Recruiting opportunities: Connect with attendees looking for work, as well as professionals curious about robotics but unfamiliar with your company or the opportunities your company has to offer. 
  • Increased connections: Expand your network to include the broader business community (suppliers, advisors, service providers) as well as potential new customers and partners.


For any questions, please contact Lexi Miller at lexi@robopgh.org.


Sponsorship Opportunities

We are also looking for sponsors — not only for the public event but for a private reception afterward that will bring together businesses and professionals seeking deeper connections within the ecosystem. These sponsorships are vital to make Pittsburgh Robotics Discovery Day accessible to as many people and businesses as possible. Contact us today!