Pittsburgh Robots Are...

Feeding the World.

Going to the Moon.

Building a 3D World.

Filling Online Orders.

Enhancing National Defense.

Saving Lives.

Enhancing Quality of Life.

Working in Retail.

Enhancing the Supply Chain.

Keeping Us Safe.

Inspecting the World.

Maintaining Critical Systems.

Pittsburgh has grown beyond its Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) roots. Always a center for research, academic instruction, innovation and development, Pittsburgh is now one of the world’s largest commercial centers for autonomous robots.

With over 100 organizations developing market solutions, Pittsburgh is recognized as the Robotics Capital of the World. 

The question you should be asking isn’t “Why Pittsburgh?” for careers, investment and business opportunities in robotics; it’s “Why are you NOT in Pittsburgh?”

We tell your story, getting you the recognition you deserve.

The Pittsburgh Robotics Network helps you to develop business opportunities, compete for talent, and facilitate interactions that propel industry development. We promote compelling stories that showcase our region’s industry strengths and leading organizations within our stakeholder networks, which then extends worldwide.

We build relationships and establish strategic connections.

Our organization produces events, webinars, forums and conferences, all created with the purpose of building bridges, forging new relationships and fostering a strong business community unified by robotics. The Pittsburgh Robotic ecosystem consists of a broad range of stakeholders including CMU, market leaders, startups, investors, suppliers, service providers … and the communities that surround us.

It is our goal to help all of our community stakeholders to attract and retain top talent, benefit from utilizing workforce development programs and develop influential industry relationships that create new pathways for all community members to join the emerging industrial revolution, Industry 4.0.

We facilitate collaborations to influence the direction and development of the industry.

The PRN facilitates your efforts to connect with the best and brightest and be a leader in industry. We are in a time of accelerated change and new applications of autonomous technology. There are many opportunities for exploration, experimentation, collaborations and partnerships. There are few cities in the world where industry leaders can meet face-to-face to influence the direction of the industry. Pittsburgh is one of those places.

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