Pittsburgh Robots Are...

Feeding the World.

Going to the Moon.

Building a 3D World.

Filling Online Orders.

Enhancing National Defense.

Saving Lives.

Enhancing Quality of Life.

Working in Retail.

Enhancing the Supply Chain.

Keeping Us Safe.

Inspecting the World.

Maintaining Critical Systems.

Pittsburgh has grown beyond its Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) roots. Always a center for research, academic instruction, innovation and development, Pittsburgh is now one of the world’s largest commercial centers for autonomous robots.

With over 100 organizations developing market solutions, Pittsburgh is recognized as the Robotics Capital of the World. 

The question you should be asking isn’t “Why Pittsburgh?” for careers, investment and business opportunities in robotics; it’s “Why are you NOT in Pittsburgh?”

We tell your story, getting you the recognition you deserve.

The Pittsburgh Robotics Network helps you to develop business opportunities, compete for talent, and facilitate interactions that propel industry development. We promote compelling stories that showcase our region’s industry strengths and leading organizations within our stakeholder networks, which then extends worldwide.

We build relationships and establish strategic connections.

Our organization produces events, webinars, forums and conferences, all created with the purpose of building bridges, forging new relationships and fostering a strong business community unified by robotics. The Pittsburgh Robotic ecosystem consists of a broad range of stakeholders including CMU, market leaders, startups, investors, suppliers, service providers … and the communities that surround us.

It is our goal to help all of our community stakeholders to attract and retain top talent, benefit from utilizing workforce development programs and develop influential industry relationships that create new pathways for all community members to join the emerging industrial revolution, Industry 4.0.

We facilitate collaborations to influence the direction and development of the industry.

The PRN facilitates your efforts to connect with the best and brightest and be a leader in industry. We are in a time of accelerated change and new applications of autonomous technology. There are many opportunities for exploration, experimentation, collaborations and partnerships. There are few cities in the world where industry leaders can meet face-to-face to influence the direction of the industry. Pittsburgh is one of those places.

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Pittsburgh Robotics Network
helps you further your development and work through...

Network Member Spotlight

Self-driving technology has a profound potential to transform the way we live and get around. By working with Argo’s partners, local communities, and governments, Argo AI will support local transportation needs around the world – to ultimately make getting around cities safe, easy, and enjoyable for all. What self-driving technology can do for society is up to all of us. This is just the starting point. There remains a lot of work to do.

Network Member Spotlight

Aurora was founded to take the opportunity to safely accelerate the adoption of self-driving technology. Aurora is building an ecosystem with powerful, independent, and robust technology—the Aurora Driver—. Aurora is partnering with automakers, transportation networks, and fleet management companies to deliver its benefits broadly.

Network Member Spotlight

Designed to address clinical, operational, and population health challenges, the autonomous pharmacy can help clinicians safely and securely deliver the right dose to the right patient at the right time across the care continuum.

As clinical process engineers who care passionately about health and wellness, we’re dedicated to building the world’s first zero-error, fully automated medication management platform that empowers care professionals to deliver improved patient care, clinician satisfaction, and pharmacy performance.

Network Member Spotlight

Whether navigating a warehouse or a retail store aisle, cleaning floors, or making a last mile home delivery,  autonomous robots need a map and need to know where they are on the map. Kaarta provides a new level of understanding of spaces for humans and autonomous machines alike.

Network Member Spotlight

As robotic systems become more dexterous, so does the need for a controller that can keep pace with ever-evolving technology. RE2’s Imitative Controller provides an intuitive and easy-to-learn method of control for our dexterous robotic arms. 

The Imitative Controller allows users to move a scaled model of the robot’s manipulators. This essentially establishes a leader-follower teleoperation between the controller and the robot, providing users with fast and efficient time to proficiency.

Network Member Spotlight

Neya Systems develops and integrates advanced, vehicle-agnostic, off-road and airborne autonomy.  Neya’s talented group of robotics engineers have over 450 years of combined experience related to autonomy, computer vision, and general unmanned systems development and deployment.

Network Member Spotlight

Carnegie Robotics is a leader in the robotics industry, having delivered solutions for some of the largest and most impactful projects in the field for over a decade.  As the robotics landscape continues to evolve and expand, Carnegie Robotics is doing the same.  Carnegie Robotics strives every day to be the premier supplier of high-end components, systems, and reference design in the world of robotics.

Network Member Spotlight

HEBI Robotics produces hardware and software tools that make it easy to create custom robots quickly. HEBI’s platform is used by academic and industrial roboticists around the world to speed up development, iterate quickly, and solve real-world problems with robots.

Network Member Spotlight

BirdBrain Technologies cultivates creativity and computational thinking by providing flexible and inspiring products: the Finch Robot and the Hummingbird Robotics Kit.

Founded at the CREATE Lab at Carnegie Mellon University in 2010, BirdBrain is a research-based company that promotes gender equality and diversity in engineering and robotics.

Network Member Spotlight

Near Earth Autonomy works with customers to provide flight-proven core technologies that realize their inspection and mobility needs. Applications include mapping a field, inspecting a building, or enabling an aircraft to navigate safely.

Network Member Spotlight

A world leader of autonomous robotic equipment, ACR is transforming the construction industry by innovating and commercializing a wide range of robots that enhance productivity, improve safety, reduce schedule risk, and increase profitability.

Our team combines experienced business and construction professionals with world-class robotics experts who have been pushing the boundaries of field robotics for decades.  This unique partnership brings realistic & economically viable robots to the jobsite that solve current needs, leading the construction industry into the next industrial revolution.

Network Member Spotlight

Seegrid Palion autonomous mobile robots are unlike any other infrastructure-free AMR on the market. Our navigation technology is the most robust, reliable, and proven with millions of autonomous production miles driven by customers.

Seegrid’s AMRs drive real results—increasing throughput, improving safety, and reducing labor costs for some of the world’s largest brands. Palion AMRs are the proven solution for manufacturing, warehousing, and logistics material handling.

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