Pittsburgh Robotics Network

The Pittsburgh Robotics Network is dedicated to the growth and promotion of Pittsburgh's robotics companies and research institutions.  Our members strive to use robotics to make the world a better place, and benefit Pittsburgh through growing local investment, attracting new talent to the region, and support of local suppliers and companies.  Pittsburgh Robotics Network companies are trailblazing a new generation of robotic products that solve real problems in a wide variety of industries.




Roboburgh Fun Facts


Fun Fact #1

Roboburgh is the birthplace of self-driving vehicles.


Fun Fact #2

Over 300% growth in employment in the robotics sector since 2011.


Fun Fact #3

With over 50 organizations, Roboburgh is known worldwide for its robust robotics ecosystem.


Fun Fact #4

Home to the CMU Robotics Institute, the first University to offer a Ph.D. in robotics.