The Hallmark of a Strong Ecosystem

Oct 27, 2022 | News

The road to progress and innovation is never straight or easy. Bringing innovation to market is an extremely difficult task, notably when creating entirely new markets and especially during challenging economic times.

Fortunately, our region’s robotics ecosystem has grown so dynamically we are capable of absorbing news and corrections like yesterday’s announcement about Argo AI. With more than 105+ companies across 12 different industries and numerous open jobs, Pittsburgh continues to lead the autonomous market.

This is the hallmark of a strong ecosystem cluster.

Argo was an innovator and pioneer that played a dynamic and vital role in inspiring many of Pittsburgh’s other robotics entrepreneurs. They built an enviable culture, and they were a committed civic leader. They will be missed. 

However, the talented employees that accepted the challenge to help solve extremely difficult problems for the good of everyone will continue to drive robotics, our region, and society forward in their future roles. 

Not every startup will succeed, but others will follow in their footsteps to continue to propel the robotics industry. 

Our region is known for responding to business challenges and change. And with a robotics industry as strong and diverse as ours, our future is stronger than ever.

Joel Reed
Executive Director
Pittsburgh Robotics Network