Pittsburgh Robotics Nonprofit Welcomes New Board Leadership to Accelerate Growth and Innovation

Mar 12, 2024 | Announcement, News, Press Releases

Jorgen Pedersen (left) has been announced as President and Stephen Muck (right) has been announced as Secretary of the PRN Board of Directors.
Jorgen Pedersen (left) has been announced as President and Stephen Muck (right) has been announced as Secretary of the PRN Board of Directors. (photos courtesy of JVisionary Visuals Co. and Brayman Construction Corporation)

The Pittsburgh Robotics Network (PRN), a leading nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering innovation and growth for the SWPA region’s robotics cluster, is excited to announce significant changes to its board of directors executive officers. Jorgen Pedersen steps in as the new board President, and Stephen Muck is now the new Secretary. The changes come as Kevin Dowling, the previous board President, concludes his term but will continue to contribute his expertise as a regular board member. Louisa Michaels, CFO at the ARM Institute, and Peter Rander, President of Stack AV, round out the Board Officers as Treasurer and Executive Committee Member respectively.

Under the bold and ambitious leadership of Executive Director Jennifer Apicella, the PRN is evolving to continue to align programs with economic development initiatives, expand public-private partnerships both locally and globally, and act as a catalyst for accelerating commercial growth and adoption of autonomous systems in emerging industry markets. “These changes to our board’s executive officers will help support my ongoing efforts and position the PRN for success,” said Apicella. “The Pittsburgh Robotics ecosystem is at a pivotal moment in our growth as one of the world’s top commercial robotics clusters. However, it’s more important now than ever to be intentional about our work, use data driven approaches, and strive for excellence. Being on top is hard work, but staying there is even harder. So while there’s still work to be done for our region to stay competitive as a globally recognized robotics hub, we will continue to stay focused on driving high impact results for these companies to see them grow.” Jorgen Pedersen, the incoming President, brings decades of robotics industry experience to the board.

Jorgen was the founder and CEO of RE2 Robotics, developer of advanced robotic manipulation technologies across multiple industries including defense, energy, aviation, and construction. Pedersen led RE2 Robotics from a small startup to a recognized leader in the field of mobile manipulation. He is currently serving as a Robotics Entrepreneur in Residence at Innovation WorksRobotics Factory, facilitating the creation of new robotics companies and providing mentorship as they grow and scale. “In addition to valuable networking opportunities and collaboration with other economic development organizations within the region, my goal is to help the PRN provide increased value to its members so they can scale their businesses and, in turn, grow the robotics ecosystem in Pittsburgh,” stated Pedersen.

Stephen Muck, a PRN board member since January 2022 and the new Secretary, is a prominent figure in both the construction and robotics industries. As the Chairman and CEO of Brayman Construction Corporation and the Founder and Executive Chairman of Advanced Construction Robotics (ACR), Muck has demonstrated a keen ability to lead and innovate in the construction sector. He brings over 30 years of experience in the business, construction, private equity, investment banking, and economic development fields. He has established unique and unparalleled partnerships between world-class robotics experts, construction industry veterans, and an innovative business team to commercialize robotics products for the construction industry. ACR, under Muck’s guidance, focuses on developing robotics solutions to enhance productivity and improve safety on construction sites. The company’s notable innovations include TyBOT, an autonomous rebar tying robot, and IronBOT, a rebar-placing robot. Together, the Bot Bundle is a game changer in the construction industry. Modern crews that work with both TyBOT and IronBOT maximize their schedule savings. Based in Pittsburgh, the Robotics Capital of the World, Muck’s work with ACR exemplifies his commitment to advancing the
construction industry through technological innovation. “The opportunity to support and grow the robotics cluster in Pittsburgh is incredibly challenging,” Muck commented. “I look forward to bringing my energy as a board officer to help drive innovation and collaboration within this dynamic community.”

Kevin Dowling expressed his continued commitment to PRN, “While my term as President has come to an end, my dedication to this organization and its mission remains unwavering since I founded the PRN in 2016. I’m very excited to support Jorgen, Stephen, and the rest of the board as we continue to support and grow the regional robotics industry.”

As the PRN embarks on this new phase, the organization is united in its commitment to innovation, growth, and the development of a sustainable robotics industry. With a team of visionary leaders at the helm, the PRN is set to make a profound impact on the global stage.