Pittsburgh Robotics Network Forms Alliance with Denmark to Boost Robotics Adoption

Jun 29, 2023 | Announcement, News, Press Releases

Odense Robotics CEO Søren Elmer Kristensen (left) and PRN Interim Executive Director Jenn Apicella (right) gathered in Munich to announce their new transatlantic partnership.
Odense Robotics CEO Søren Elmer Kristensen (left) and PRN Interim Executive Director Jenn Apicella (right) gathered in Munich to announce their new transatlantic partnership.

MUNICH, GERMANY (June 29, 2023) — The Pittsburgh Robotics Network, which represents the Pittsburgh region’s world-leading robotics cluster, is proud to announce a strategic partnership with Denmark’s Odense Robotics, aimed at generating transatlantic business growth opportunities. This collaboration agreement consolidates ties between two eminent global robotics ecosystems.

Through this partnership, the USA and Denmark are constructing a ‘robotics bridge’ across the Atlantic. The collaboration with Odense Robotics, Denmark’s national robotics cluster, represents a key step in bolstering both robotics ecosystems.

“This is the start of a very exciting partnership. There are many similarities between our two ecosystems and together we can create new growth opportunities for companies in both countries. Pittsburgh is one of the world’s leading robotics ecosystems, so we are proud to enter this collaboration agreement with Pittsburgh Robotics Network,” says Odense Robotics CEO Søren Elmer Kristensen.

“Danish robotics companies have their eyes on the global market and the U.S. is one of the industry’s biggest export markets. At the same time, the U.S. wants to forge closer ties to Denmark’s robotics industry because of our strong ecosystem with research and development. This agreement is a win-win for both parties, and we look forward to getting started.”

The agreement was announced today at the automatica trade fair in Munich, Germany, where Odense Robotics and Pittsburgh Robotics Network are taking part in shared activities to promote industry collaboration.

With more than 100 robotics companies and Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh is a center of robotics innovation. A history of groundbreaking research, thriving companies, and solid public support makes Pittsburgh’s ecosystem an exemplary model.

“The strong global demand for automation solutions means that Danish and American robotics companies share many opportunities and challenges. Through this strategic partnership, our ambition is to create new growth opportunities for robotics companies in the Pittsburgh region and Denmark, and strengthen the uptake of robotics technology in many sectors. Market adoption doesn’t care about borders,” says Jenn Apicella, Interim Executive Director, Pittsburgh Robotics Network.

Pittsburgh’s robust robotics ecosystem is also set to benefit from a significant $62.7 million federal Build Back Better Regional Challenge grant from the U.S. Economic Development Administration. This funding will supercharge the region’s robotics and autonomy technology sector through projects such as the Robotics Factory, which is led by Innovation Works and is designed to fuel the growth and evolution of robotics startups at all levels of maturity by offering comprehensive support via its innovative Create, Accelerate, and Scale programs. These three distinct programs ensure a robust pipeline for technological innovation, drive startup growth through financial backing and mentorship, and facilitate the development of production-ready products with an array of manufacturing resources and industry connections. By incubating and accelerating such companies, the Robotics Factory is not only shaping the future of robotics and automation, but is also helping to boost job creation in the region.

Over 90 public and private organizations across 11 counties in southwestern Pennsylvania have collaborated as part of the grant coalition, underlining the region’s commitment to advancing the robotics industry cluster.

Between this substantial funding and the Pittsburgh Robotics Network’s new partnership with Denmark’s Odense Robotics, the regional robotics cluster is poised to continue growing.

About the Pittsburgh Robotics Network:

The Pittsburgh Robotics Network (PRN) represents the companies and leaders who make up the Pittsburgh robotics ecosystem, which is anchored by Carnegie Mellon University and driven by 130+ robotics organizations, including the world’s leaders in autonomous vehicle development. It is the PRN’s mission to accelerate the adoption of robotic solutions by bridging this large and dynamic community, to the world. The PRN executes this by making connections, expanding collective knowledge and positively influencing the advancement of robotic and artificial intelligence technologies.

About Odense Robotics:

Odense Robotics is Denmark’s national cluster for robot, automation and drone technology. Our vision is to make Denmark an even bigger, better robot nation. We do this by accelerating innovation and sustainable development in the industry. We offer companies opportunities to develop innovative products and technologies, strengthen their foundation for growth, gain industry insights and increase their visibility. We do this through projects, networks and events – often in close collaboration with our many knowledge partners. Odense Robotics has its headquarters in Odense and regional hubs across the country in Aalborg, Aarhus, Copenhagen and Sonderborg.