Pittsburgh Named Top City for Starting a Robotics Company

Feb 18, 2020 | News

…the city of steel is becoming a city of robots. If you’re looking for a robotics-friendly location with a little less market saturation than Boston or Silicon Valley, Pittsburgh may be right for you.

National media outlet, The Robotics Business Review, has named Pittsburgh one of the top five cities for starting a robotics business. Among other factors, the article lists:

  • A robust industrial history and culture;
  • A variety of manufacturing companies that could benefit from innovative robotics solutions;
  • Giant companies like Amazon and Bosch investing in the city;
  • An abundance of local talent, thanks to institutions like Carnegie Mellon and the University of Pittsburgh;
  • Lower housing costs when compared to other robotics hub cities.

It’s not the first time Pittsburgh has made national headlines for its reputation as a positive tech hub. Wallethub recently named Pittsburgh one of the best cities for STEM graduates, citing low housing costs, per capita job openings for STEM graduates, annual median wage growth for STEM workers, and other factors.

Full article here.