Why is Pittsburgh Ideal for Your Robotics Business?

Aug 21, 2017 | News

Pittsburgh’s position as one of the top robotics research hubs in the U.S. has set it up to be a world leader in this industry. Pittsburgh is near the head of the pack, trailing only Boston but ahead of Silicon Valley and other robotics hotbeds such as Tokyo and Seoul, according to Gizmodo.

In 1999, when The Wall Street Journal bestowed the moniker of “Roboburgh” on Pittsburgh, some people may have wondered how a place that was once the “steel city” earned such a futuristic title. But Pittsburgh has only accelerated its drive to be on the cutting edge since then and is proving that it has what it takes to compete in the robotics big league.

What is it about Pittsburgh that allows it to capture attention — and investment dollars — from robotics and artificial intelligence giants such as Uber TechnologiesArgo AIBosch, Disney Research, and Delphi, to name a few?

It’s a trifecta of strengths, as I see it. While this is an oversimplification, it’s one way to present the case for landing — or expanding — a robotics business in Pittsburgh. Here are three areas that, in my opinion, help define this Pennsylvania city’s unique value proposition for robotics.

  • Talent
  • R&D horsepower + industry-advancing partnerships
  • Conventional infrastructure

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