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Innovators face unique challenges at every turn, from capital raising through IPO and beyond. J.P. Morgan offers world-class solutions and insights for high-growth technology companies and their founders. Our expertise, speed and rigor can help your business thrive today while also helping you with personal and customized financial strategies for tomorrow. About J.P. Morgan Private Bank - J.P. Morgan Private Bank provides customized financial advice and strategies to help wealthy clients and their families plan, invest, borrow, and bank with intent. Leveraging global capabilities in investing, philanthropy, family office management, credit, fiduciary services, special advisory services and more, the Private Bank brings clients’ investments and financial assets together into one comprehensive strategy to help them achieve their goals and secure the legacy they envision. The Private Bank manages more than $1.5 trillion in assets. About J.P. Morgan Commercial Banking – Technology & Disruptive Commerce BankingJ.P. Morgan Commercial Banking’s specialized focus on the Technology sector is designed specifically to meet the needs of businesses that are at the forefront of the innovation landscape. The ability to quickly evolve at each stage of your life cycle is critical to your success. With decades of global experience, a robust professional and venture capital network, and scalable money management solutions, J.P. Morgan is the only bank you’ll ever need.

Our Expertise

There’s always been an innovation economy — and J.P. Morgan has an entire business dedicated to helping it thrive. By bringing together founders, startups, investors, and ideas, J.P. Morgan helps empower thousands of high-growth companies − companies that are shaping the present and the future. With tailored banking solutions and customized advice across investing, banking, borrowing, and planning, we enable entrepreneurs to achieve long-term business and individual goals. J.P. Morgan helps innovators scale for today and plan for tomorrow.

Robotics Industry Excellence

We concentrate our efforts on emerging technologies, with a specific focus on serving high-growth companies in Robotics, AI, Autonomy, Machine Learning, and Advanced Manufacturing. From the opening of a first checking account, to venture debt, capital raising, and an eventual IPO or M&A event, J.P. Morgan has the breadth and depth of resources to help serve the financial needs of technology companies across the start-up lifecycle. Our Commercial Banking, Investment Banking, and Private Bank work together to deliver effective financial solutions for companies and to help generate the best results for their founders and employees. J.P. Morgan understands the value to be created by these industries not only as a financial institution, but as one of the world’s biggest technology-driven companies. We invest $12 billion in technology annually – of which approximately $3 billion is dedicated towards innovation. With a global technology landscape that’s constantly evolving, J.P. Morgan has the expertise to help the next generation of robotic companies grow and prosper.
“We are an unexpected disruptor in banking and in the technology industry. Because technology changes so quickly we are not only developing technology for today, but we are also anticipating the technology needs of our consumers 5-10 years down the road”
Larry Feinsmith
Head of Global Tech Strategy, Innovation & Partnerships at JPMorgan Chase

Our Work

Fast-growing companies like yours need products that meet your needs today and evolve with you tomorrow. Our easy-to-use solutions are designed to grow with your business, with resources to support you through every stage of the life cycle: Innovation Economy Banking and Advisory Franchise – leverage our treasury, debt, private banking, and investment banking services designed specifically for your dynamic and innovative growth profile; Make Payments Easily – pay employees, vendors and bills; Stay Safe – controls to help protect against fraud; Get Paid Efficiently – invoice your suppliers and receive payments; Simplify Access to Your Accounts – a single banking portal for all your needs; Gain Valuable Insights – access our global network of specialists and industry-specific research. For founders, investors, and employees, we provide comprehensive advice and solutions so you can benefit most effectively from your firm’s success: Investing – Robust platform in both public and private markets (PE, Growth Equity, Venture, Private Credit, Real Assets); Banking – Tailored banking solutions, with a high emphasis on ease of use, security, online and mobile solutions, and customer service; Lending – Effectively leverage your balance sheet and use debt efficiently, including mortgages, lines of credit, term loans, aircraft and yacht finance, and other solutions; Planning – Customized advice and resources to optimize major business and personal transitions, including Trust and Estate Advisory, Executive Compensation Advisory, Private Business and Transaction Advisory (E.g., Does your equity qualify for QSBS treatment? How can you optimize options exercise? What should you negotiate in a post-transaction employment agreement? Could a Donor Advised Fund reduce your ultimate tax liability? Would an 83(b) election or 10b5-1 plan make sense in your situation?)

Why We Are Unique

J.P. Morgan’s team in Pittsburgh is uniquely positioned to deliver the benefits of a global firm to you locally. Our team can grow with your business throughout the start-up lifecycle while helping provide unparalleled advice and services along the way. We look forward to connecting with you and working with you in the future.
“While other tech companies have a narrower scope of things they do very well, what differentiates JPMorgan Chase is our ability to invest $12 billion dollars in a broad number of technologies simultaneously. Our size and scale are simply unparalleled.” Larry Feinsmith, Head of Global Tech Strategy, Innovation & Partnerships at JPMorgan Chase
Larry Feinsmith
Head of Global Tech Strategy, Innovation & Partnerships at JPMorgan Chase


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Banking & Finance

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383 Madison Ave., New York, NY, 10179, US

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301 Grant St., Floor 10, Pittsburgh, PA, 15219, US

Why Pittsburgh?

Pittsburgh is leading the way in the robotics sector, and J.P. Morgan is excited to support the transformational companies located here as they change the world.

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Technology & Disruptive Commerce - Commercial Banking
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Technology Team Co-Lead - Private Bank
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Technology Team Co-Lead - Private Bank
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