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Bally Design

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Bally Design is a product design company that believes in creating positive change through design. Founded in 1972, Bally Design has been and continues to be a pioneer in human-centered thinking, delivering user-friendly products to clients in the medical device, industrial, consumer, and robotic industries.

Our Expertise

Bally Design’s expertise is in Industrial and User Interface Design. Our highly experienced staff specializes in taking both physical and digital products from the discovery phase to transition to manufacturing, or anywhere in between. Our proven process results in designs that continue to delight our clients.

Robotics Industry Excellence

We excel in tackling complex product challenges by leveraging our creativity in user-centered design and addressing human needs. By making complex products, such as robotics and autonomous systems, less daunting, we succeed in making them, instead, more approachable and comfortable for users to use and trust, thus increasing the likelihood of adoption.

Our Work

We provide services in: Design Strategy – identifying potential market opportunities; Product Design – exploring the solution space to build award-winning products; Product Communication – leveraging our knowledge of products, users, and their environments to communicate the product to customers.

Why We Are Unique

We are built on a legacy of uncompromising innovation and a track record of success that influence and inspire the work we do today. We continue to strive to challenge the status quo and are eager to help our clients achieve their most ambitious design goals.

More to Know About Us

Since our founding 50 years ago, Bally Design has worked with over 350 clients, been awarded over 100 patents, and received more than a dozen design awards. Some of our clients have partnered with us over decades to seek our expertise in design on multiple projects and continue to trust us in delivering design thinking and other fundamental design principles to their products today. To commemorate our milestone, Bally Design will be hosting a celebratory event at our design studio in the Strip District on September 29. To register for the event, visit Ballydesign50.eventbrite.com.


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Number of Employees

1- 99

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Business Services

HQ Address

40 24th St, Pittsburgh, PA, 15222 US

Why Pittsburgh?

Bally Design is proud to be part of Pittsburgh's creative and tech ecosystem. Research has shown that over the past decade, the city of Pittsburgh has experienced substantial growth in the share of workers employed in knowledge, professional, artistic, and cultural occupations. It is a privilege to be a part of the same culture and to work with innovative and motivated individuals in multiple industries.

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