Remote Resources for STEM Education

May 1, 2020 | Resources

We’re facing the new reality of remote education that looks to last into the summer. With this transition comes a number of new challenges, but also new opportunities. Taking advantage of these remote resources, which require only an Internet connection, could:

  • Eliminate barriers and give students who wouldn’t otherwise have access to robotics tools new opportunities to learn
  • Lessen the public pressure of learning, allowing students to learn at their own pace and in a comfortable environment

PRN Member, Birdbrain Technologies has created the following free resources for students, educators, and parents to keep students actively engaged in STEM.

Free Live Classes

Learn how to apply robotics concepts using materials you can find at home, like cereal boxes. Most classes are appropriate for students ages eight and older. There are also classes designed specifically for educators. View the class schedule and learn more here.

Reading List

Birdbrain has also compiled a reading list to get students interested in STEM. This list is divided into age groups, offering options from kindergarten to high school seniors. From the true story of the African American female mathematicians at NASA to a collection of case studies that describe how robots influence human tasks and roles, the booklist offers a comprehensive view of robotics. Check out the reading lists here.

Remote Robots

Remotely program robots over a livestream to see your work live! Just watch a tutorial and get to work programming. You can even program the Pittsburgh city skyline through one livestream. Click here to get started.

About Birdbrain Technologies

BirdBrain Technologies cultivates creativity and computational thinking by providing flexible and inspiring products: the Finch Robot and the Hummingbird Robotics Kit. Founded at the CREATE Lab at Carnegie Mellon University in 2010, BirdBrain is a research-based company that promotes gender equality and diversity in engineering and robotics. In addition to the free resources outlined above, Birdbrain also offers a Hummingbird Robotics Kit and the Finch Robot.