Robots on display as Pittsburgh shows off tech

Oct 19, 2016 | News

Pittsburgh Business Times

Tom Lauwers, Chief Roboticist for the CMU Create Lab spinout BirdBrain Technologies, with a Hummingbird Robotics Kit robot.  Combining arts and crafts with robotics and engineering, BirdBrain Technologies robotics programs are implemented in local school districts such as North Allegheny, Mt. Lebanon, and South Fayette.
Carnegie Robotics was showing off its MultiSense SL, a robot-first 3D sensor that has been used for a wide variety of robotic applications including the DARPA Robotics Challenge, mine mapping, and autonomous robots that spray nitrogen in corn fields.
HEBI Robotics engineer Alex Schepelmann and Business Developer Bob Raida with a demonstration of HEBI’s modular joints, perfect for rapid developing and building robotic arms.
Paul Scerri, co-creator of the Carnegie Mellon University spinout Platypus, with the Lutra Airboat. An autonomous boat, the Lutra Airboat can help determine the health of a body of water while causing little water disruption. Platypus products can be found on 6 continents.

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